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About Prevue’s Visionary Awards:

The Visionary Awards are given annually to acknowledge the forward-thinking destinations, hotels & resorts, cruise lines and airlines of the industry.

  • Prevue’s readers (Readership: 132,300) and esteemed Advisory Board vote for their favorite destinations, hotels & resorts, cruise lines and airlines to determine the winners in each category.
  • Voting for the Visionary Awards is online on a dedicated website and the voting period is from May-August 2017
  • Prevue allows readers and the Advisory Board to choose who they want to name within each category. Prevue provides recommendations, but these are not nominees. The readers and Advisory Board are in complete control of who they decide to nominate for these annual awards.
  • Prevue promotes the Visionary Awards through dedicated email blasts to 30,000 opt-in subscribers online, banner ads on the Prevue website, newsletters, and in the print edition of the magazine
  • Winners of the 2017 Visionary Awards have been announced to our entire print circulation in the 2017 November / December issue of Prevue. Winners had the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive special discount rates and matching bonus sponsored content in this issue.
  • Winners were announced online on October 9, 2017 at http://prevuemeetings.com/visionaryawards/
  • Being a winner of the Visionary Awards is not contingent on advertising, but we do encourage winners to share the great news!



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